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What I Can and Can't Do

What I can do:
  • Epicness. Whether it's an on going battle between two characters or discovering an ancient weapon. Just say the word and I'm all for it!
  • Gore. Blood, guts, anything of the sort~
What I can't do:
  • Sexual content of any sort. Don't draw any of that sort. Sorry!
  • Romantic drawings. I really am not good at drawing two characters with a romantic encounter honestly (I can do maybe simple cute stuff but nothing over the top). I'm not very good with gay pairings (no offense to anyone! I respect every human for who they are, just stating what I am good and not good at :) ) but I can still draw any ship in one drawing!


  1. Pay only by paypal.
  2. Give me a deadline
  3. No refund on commissions after the next 24 hours of commissioning.
  4. Email me at to request a commission.
  5. +$5 shipping. 
Character Sheet: $30
  • Will be cell shaded.
  • +$7 for custom made character (contact me to relay details)
TSS Character Sheet- Kate Bergman by sherbertdayTSS Character Sheet- Travis Harthworn by sherbertday

TSS Character Sheet- Kirith Palemoon by sherbertday

Simple Digital Drawing: $25
  • Comes with simple background 
Zaxsus and Ovzind by sherbertdayHiro and Baymax by sherbertdayPerri and Corvus by sherbertday

IXG2- The Gang by sherbertday

Digital colored drawing: $60
  • Comes with simple background
  • +$15 for a detailed background
Azulon by sherbertdayCommission- Sherbertess by sherbertday

Album cover- Finished version by sherbertday10 Years Remembrance by sherbertday

Cael- Elam and Softi by sherbertdayLets Go On An Adventure by sherbertday

Chibis: $15
  • Full body
Chibi Ene by sherbertday(lol I know I don't do very many chibis but I can assure you they're promising)
Digital Sketch: $10
Voices by sherbertdayInfinityx- Levi by sherbertday
Digital full body drawing: $20
  • Come with a blank background
Corvus- Maspick Royal Redesign by sherbertdayThairah Older Redesign by sherbertdayXalius and Barran by sherbertday


Phoenix Rising by sherbertday
Phoenix Rising
wOW finally done with this. Digital painting for my story the Seven Seals and its book cover (part of it is the book cover lol). Tbh I'm quite proud of this but not very satisfied with the background. Still learning how to paint though :)
Deal With It by sherbertday
Deal With It
And probably my favorite piece of all, an abridged version of the last screenshot on the screenshot post bcuz Travis is 2cool4u kids
The Little Things... by sherbertday
The Little Things...
Another piece I did for my friend. Her oc Jace (left) and my oc Arksus, something only the two of us understand...


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Sarah Elizabeth Moore
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United States
Unless you brought tea please move along.

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